I design and generate ideas and stimuli for innovations (neopragma: new thing | act). I tend to have many ideas myself. And I am good at getting others to produce ideas and information.

Ideas are a combination of thoughts. Good and appropriate ideas blossom in the minds of creative people, when they combine existing mental concepts in a new way and integrate new concepts into the body of knowledge already at their disposition. Ideas prosper and mature through communication and cooperation. A vibrant innovation culture harnesses the creativity within the hearts and minds of its members and feeds their ideas into the organisations innovation process.

I work hands-on, in the middle of action. I further innovation: Not (only) by consulting and providing general advice and methods Top-Down, but by actively contributing in the fuzzy-front-end. By thinking outside-the-box, inbetween-boxes and by spinning ideas that are founded on a solid technical and psychological base.

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