Vita & Qualification


Until starting my academic career with 23 years of age I have held more different jobs in more different locations than any person that is keen on upholding a respectable reputation should admit to.

I did an external test to achieve the general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) while I was living in spain at a learn-by-post school located in germany and returned to germany to study textile technology and -management at the University of Applied Sciences in Reutlingen. While studying I got into contact with serious research & development for the first time under the (not only scientifically) sharp eyes of Dr. Peter Artzt at the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf (ITV Denkendorf).

Key stations in my professional career later on were:

  • a time as Ph.D. student at the Technical University Dresden
  • self employment (amongst other things: grants & fundings for innovation projects, mini-researches and cooperation with a spanish trading company)
  • trainee and afterwards regional sales manager at the KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik for many years
  • co-founding and administration of a company for LED projects and downlights (GmbH)
  • extra-occupational study for a master's degree at the Dresden International University in „Human Communication" (communications' psychology)

Having spent many years in Africa and Spain, several months in China during a project, and many professional trips into many countries of the former Sovjet Union, southern Europe and the north of Africa I have had the luck and opportunity to get in contact with different cultures and habits of mind. I thoroughly enjoy the contact and exchange with people who have different cultural backgrounds and I am grateful for the cultural diversity on our planet for I experience it as inspiring and life-enhancing.

Since 2010 I am freelancing as idea generator, (pre-)developer, innovation scout and practical expert for creativity and innovation culture with neopragma: idea design and idea generation from within the fuzzy-front-end of innovation.

Qualification & Competences

Formal Education

Textile Technology
Textile Management

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
[~ M.Sc.]



Work Experience & Focus...


reinforcement yarns & fibres for

spun-yarn spinning

warp knitting & lace and curtain

industrial made-to-measure clothing

staple-fibre non-wovens

hybrid yarns

weaving preparation & weaving


creativity research

innovation culture

group dynamics
group genius
crowd wisdom

idea- and
innovation management

... in the functions of

research & development

international sales

product pre-development

technology- and

moderation of creative workshops

process consulting

structures & processes

semantic technologies

What else?

highly motivated & dynamic

outgoing & strong communication skills
(fluent in german, spanisch and english)

inquiring nature
analytic sharpness
quick mind and keen perception

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