Terms, Benefits & Prices

your benefit:

You are hiring a flexible professional with knowledge of the textile domain ( > vita & qualification ). In return you will get:

  • ideas and stimuli for innovations: First and foremost from within the middle of the action - your own innovative processes
  • intelligence services and an expansion of your network
    > services

Our actual agreement can be realized on the basis of projects: Scope, volume and duration of the assignment can be tailored to your needs and can be changed and amended flexibly anytime within the scope of the humanly possible and the circumstances. That means:

  • maximum flexibility for you by working with a freelancer:
    • flexibility in scope and volume
    • flexibility in project duraton
    • short-term changes, prolongation und preterm project termination are possible
  • full cost-control & transparency
    • all actions are taken according to prior agreement and consultation
    • billing according to prior understanding and actual work-volume
    • regular reporting, feedback and course calibrations and corrections


My fees are comparable to that of a regularly employed developer or organisational psychologist - on a freelancing basis. The details depend on your specific ideas and the individual frame conditions.

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