I am offering you to actually work in the middle of your innovation processes: On actual developments in- and outside the box for products, markets and business opportunities. And on enhancing the creative processes and innovation culture within your organisation.

Services - Overview

  • ideas & concepts
    • product-pre-development and products
    • new and emerging markets, applications, technology-transfer, business opportunities
    • organisational change: innovation culture and communication
    • analytical insights and new thought-directions
    • research & mini-studies
  • idea workshops
  • trend- and technology-scouting
  • synergies, cooperations & networking
  • semantic technologies

neopragma generates ideas and furthers innovation by...

1. My own thoughts and ideas

My own ideas and thoughts I think in different concepts and help you to enlargen your "box": Creativity based on solid knowledge of the domain of textiles and psychology. > details


2. Idea Facilitation

Initiation and promotion of creative processes through exchange, networks and in workshops. > details

3. Intelligence Services

Intelligence Services

'neopragma' means to search and find information, perspectives and solutions outside the boundaries of the well-known and habitual spaces. It also means to carry information about You into those spaces.
I offer you an additional gateway to increase your network. > details

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