Intelligence Services


An additional gateway to increase your network:

I offer you to act as an intelligence service, innovation- and trend-scout: Equipped with the important key knowledge of your business and technology I autonomously roam the unknown and barely- known areas on the other side of the metaphorical box of your core-business. I have a sharp eye and good instincts for "what-matters": new opportunities and interesting developments that can be beneficial either directly or via analogies.


  • visiting exhibitions and congresses for you - on the far side of the established stages, but not so far out that they are irrelevant to you
  • constantly being on the look out: for interesting new and emerging developments, opportunities, markets, concepts and models
  • seperating the relevant from the irrelevant
  • telling potential partners and customers about you: Your abilities, products, possibilities and visions

... I provide you with additional relevant information and I spread the word about you beyond the boundaries of your immediate core-business and established partners.

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