My own thoughts & ideas

My own thoughts and ideas

... result from directly working for you in research, analysis, conceptual thinking and actively searching ideas. From being involved in the actual creative processes.

A fresh view on a given context can help to generate new ideas by challenging unquestioned assumptions and practices and thus opens up new perspectives. Essential prerequisites for the generation of good and appropriate ideas are knowledge of the domain and expertise.

The view I am offering you is founded on:

  • a solid education in textile technology at the University of Applied Sciences Reutlingen
  • Experience in technology research & development
  • international sales experience in high-quality and technology-intensive equipment
  • strong entrepreneurial thinking and experience
  • Insights from psychology and communication sciences
  • > vita & qualification

My personal affinity for creative activities, for science and for abstracting facts and knowledge often leads to a virtual flood of ideas and thoughts. The combination...

expertise in textile technology
hands-on experience in different sectors and functions of the textile world
an unbiased view in your specific domain

... bears explosive innovative issue. Gladly would I get acquainted with your specific topics, share my thoughts and ideas with you and see them lead to innovative products, routines and strategies.

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