Idea Facilitation

Idea Facilitation

Ideas blossom in creative heads and flourish through exchange, interlacing and cooperations. neopragma initiates, furthers and moderates creative processes.

New ideas, including sweeping, resounding, breakthrough novelties, are always a combination of pre-existing ideas, concepts and thoughts. The spark of thought that leads to a new idea and innovation is - in the words of professor Sawyer 'only' the "tip of the iceberg", "the last brick in the wall". [1].

Ideas and innovations have an inner structure:

Inner structure of the idea;

Figure: inner structure of an idea or innovation: ideas and innovations are a combination of thoughts and ideafragments.

And how else should an idea be constituted? Without being embedded into an existing context it would be a pipe dream in free space. The (new) combination of thoughts and concepts that results in appropriate ideas is stimulated through communication, cooperation, commitment and by involving the world beyond the immediately obvious and apparent. Key components in synthesizing ideas are:

  • communication and innovation culture
  • inspiration: to inspire and to be inspired

Exchanging ideas and fragments of thought requires loosely structured dialog: chaotic enough to not inhibit creativity and to allow digressions into spaces beyond the familiar and well-proven - structured enough to not lose sight of the goal.

Key Topics

  • recurring routines of structured communication (e.g. "innovation circles")
  • creative workshops and creativity techniques
  • identification and communication with external parties and possible partners
  • organisational idea-knowledge


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